Sunday, June 26, 2011

cheese & chive scones

each time i bake, i think to myself: “this is the best thing i’ve ever made!” & it’s a good thing, i’ve decided… each time i get a little better, & each time i surprise myself. i’m long overdue for a baking disaster, so i’m sure that will happen soon. but until then i’m going to settle for being happy with my creations. this afternoon, i made (with daniel’s assistance!) cheese & chive scones. i wanted to roll the dough out & make them into pinwheels, but alas, no rolling pin in sight, so i settled for rounds. these were incredibly easy to make & taste heavenly. if you'd like to see the recipe, i used, click here.

i bake because i like the process, but i also enjoy giving baked goods away. charla is coming into town tonight & i’m wrapping up a goodybag of scones for her to take with her. these scones had been on my “to bake” list for over 6 months, & i decided it was about time.

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