Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of july weekend

last friday, daniel & i drove down to fairhope to spend the weekend with my parents. as always when i visit, we make a ton of food, & this weekend was no exception. daniel & i have spent a lot of time relaxing, happy that we're halfway done with summer semester.

on sunday we launched my parent's boat & had lunch on the magnolia river, then made our way to orange beach to take part in fourth of july festivities. the weather was gorgeous. unfortunately, i got a pretty bad sunburn - my first in years! it's one of those that are splotchy & in weird places. i look incredibly bizarre at the moment. no photos of that, plz & thx.

not much else going on, to be honest! i start my summer term II class on wednesday & i've got a great weekend ahead of me. i just bought tickets to see rihanna in concert next monday! i'm not a fan of her as a person, but i love concerts. plus, the proceeds go to torndao relief for alabama. how could i say no?

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  1. Those pictures are som amazing, looks like the perfect place to spend a few days :)


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