Tuesday, July 19, 2011

islands in the stream

i've had all sorts of food cravings lately. first it was strawberries, then it turned into a white midnight magic from gigi's cupcakes. normally i'm not a sucker for most of the bakery cupcakes i've tried, but i'll pay good money for a gigi's cupcake any day. daniel was kind enough to bring me one home tonight right before we got down to moving business.

since i sublet my apartment from a friend, i had to move all of my things out before she gets up here to collect her furniture & whatnot. since i didn't know she was coming on wednesday until the other day, & i had class + other obligations, i basically had only today to move. moving in july alabama heat, however? hell no. daniel & i waited until 8pm & then started piling things into the car, & get this - one trip! JUST ONE! in my tiny toyota camry! safe to say i was glad - we accomplished the entire move in 2 hours exactly. trust me, it's absolutely thrilling knowing i'll be doing it all again on august 1st... except not.

i'll be done with my 2nd summer class as of thursday, & then i need to get busy planning my weekend!


  1. yum, strawberries are the best :) We have some really sweet ones in our garden!

  2. So happy that you've sorted your blog out - the layout looks fantastic!


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