Monday, July 18, 2011

love is great, love is fine

the rihanna concert last monday was amazing! the girls & i went to dinner at california pizza kitchen & then made our way to the arena. our seats were amazing - way better than i expected; we were literally right next to the stage. of course, the entire purpose of the concert was a benefit for the april 27th tornadoes that impacted my state & hometown. rihanna was very sweet, doing her own rendition of "sweet home alabama" & wearing an alabama football jersey for the final songs of the show. i've been meaning to do an updated tornado recovery progress report with lots of photos soon, i'll be sure to make that happen soon.

the next few weeks are going to be insane. last week i was busy with class, trips to birmingham & starting to pack for my move. next week, i am moving in with daniel for 2 weeks until my lease at my new apartment begins. i'm so incredibly pumped about this place, you have no idea! there is lots to do & lots to set up, so its going to be very fast-paced for a little while. my official move-in date is the 1st, but my furniture won't be here till the 5th, lol. honestly there is way too much going on & i'm going to try & enjoy this week before things get super hectic.

i just found out that the baking class i planned on taking this fall was cancelled, & you have no idea how sad i am. unfortunately, there was not a single culinary course that fit into my schedule that i could take instead. i don't think i've been this disappointed in a long time. so, i'm going to have to wait until spring. in the mean time, i'm going to keep up with my "new recipe a week" & experimenting on my own with baking techniques. i can't wait to get into my new apartment & break in my kitchen.


  1. I'd love to see Rihanna in concert, she's amazing. Sorry your baking class got cancelled, that sucks - good luck with your baking on your own :)

  2. thanks elise, somehow i'll manage!

  3. I love Rihanna! How amazing was it to see her perform? I hope I get a chance to see her too someday, she's one of my favorites!


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