Friday, August 5, 2011

surviving summer heatwaves (& moving in at last!)

it's been such a busy week, but i'm finally done with all of my summer classes! so much has happened & i've only had time to snap photos on my phone. after i'm settled in this weekend, my sweet nikon will be neglected no longer. i've missed him so much (he doesn't have a name? i guess he's just mr. nikon)
  • last weekend, daniel's parents came to visit! we ate out, went to see captain america & gave them the "tornado tour" since they hadn't been down to see the damage. daniel & i ate with his dad at the veranda on highlands in birmingham on monday night & it was the best meal i've had in a long time. lavender creme brulee = to die for.
  • picked up the keys to my apartment on tuesday! aaahh! i've moved 95% of my things over there & i've been cleaning & organizing everything, helping my roommates get settled & whatnot. unfortunately they haven't painted our unit yet like they said they would, but i'm willing to look past it just based on the fact that i have my own place! i'm crossing my fingers that they'll get to it soon though. i know, i know - white girl problems.
  • finished up my last summer class on wednesday! i'm very satisfied with my grades from the summer & i'm happy that i'm sort of ahead of schedule as far as my classes go. with luck (& if i don't triple minor) i'll graduate in december 2013 at the latest.
  • um, it's sickeningly hot outside. the weather has been damn near unbearable. the heat index ranges between 110-120 degrees daily, i can barely even walk outside. in fact, i DON'T go outside anymore! all my moving has been done at night. forget hauling things up & down stairs when it's like an oven outside.
  • daniel & i went out on a date tonight at big daddy's & then to the movies. we got some greek food & split an apple flavored hookah. shisha gives me a headache now (i feel so old saying that) but i still love going. for the record, crazy stupid love is adorable.
  • my parents are arriving in town tomorrow with my furniture & other miscellaneous items. tomorrow will be dedicated to setting up my place, decorating & a family dinner!
  • the next few weeks i'm going to have some great things to post about & i'm so excited. i'm currently in the process of choosing my baking recipe to break in my new kitchen. my room decorations are coming along great but unfortunately it will be probably another month before it's complete. i'm waiting patiently!
ps; if you're wondering who that adorable little pup is above, that's my roommates dog, wolf baby. he's an affenpinscher & he's only 9 weeks old; i'm looking forward to living with a dog since i haven't for almost 6 years. he's the cutest!


  1. What an adorable dog! I've been wanting to see Crazy, Stupid, Love and I've only heard good things so reading that is was adorable makes me want to see it even more! Good luck getting the rest of your things moved in!


  2. Congrats on everything Meredith, I've been missing your posts & you terribly. Glad everything is working out for you! <3

  3. Wow, congrats on picking up your keys - big step!
    & it must be such a relieve to be through with your summer classes!
    I'm quite jealous you're having a heatwave, I've had a week of rain in London and I'm hating it, ha.

    Gosh, lavender creme brulee sounds amazing xx

  4. Congrats on picking up your keys!

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