Thursday, July 21, 2011

tornado recovery progress

driveways to nowhere in forest lake.

on hargrove, down the road from daniel's apartment.

where hokkaido, our best sushi/hibachi placed used to be, & where i used to get my oil changed.

i drive past this part of down every day. this used to be the block of neighbordhoods off of 15th street that they cleared incredibly quickly.

i know a lot of these photos probably don't look like "progress" to anyone. regardless, in my mind, they are amazing progress from what we started with. i didn't take any photos of my own, except with my phone, after the tornado. i was in too much shock & it wasn't a priority at the time, so i have nothing to show you to compare these to. it's amazing how in so many photos houses are damaged but standing, & then a blank foundation is next to it.

so much debris has been moved in the past 3 months, it's truly amazing. the most impressive of all, in my opinion, is the clean up of the neighborhoods off of 15th street. it was literally 3 blocks of pure destruction & garbage, & now it's a complete blank slate. last night i tweeted about tuscaloosa's newly proposed housing & reconstruction plans, which i'm very excited for.

sometimes i feel like because i see this every day, it's lost it's meaning. i don't ever get close to forgetting, but it's all becoming part of the scenery now. i wish it wasn't that way.


  1. huge well done to everyone who made the scene in these pictures happen, after seeing pictures on the news and elsewhere it is clear so much has been done already.
    its okay to move on from the hurricane because it is something which changed you for the better - more appreciative of what you have. even if the hurricane loses meaning to you the emotions you went through and the person you are now would never lose meaning.

  2. @ holly - thank you so much. i've learned that my experiences are something i can grow from, but even if i try i won't forget what happened. it's actually interesting to me that you call it a 'hurricane', maybe i'm completely out of the loop but what is the terminology for hurricanes & tornadoes in the uk? in the us they are different things. either way you guys are incredibly lucky that you don't have to deal with either hardly ever!

  3. they've done a lot! i remember when it first happened & you posted pictures on your old blog.

  4. I love seeing the updates on how things are going now. The hurricane was so far from reality for me living in Europe where we are lucky enough to never get anything like that, its good to get a look and see how fortunate we are.


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