Thursday, August 11, 2011

august birchbox #2

it's finally here! my 2nd birchbox ever. i was very excited to receive this month's box since i enjoyed last month's box so much. some of you told me you signed up for birchbox after reading my post, so if you've made a blog post about your box, link it in the comments! if you haven't gotten your box yet for this month, be aware of the potential spoilers ahead.

here are the products i received this month, the description on the card & my take of the product thus far.
  • befine night cream - "upgrade your nighttime routine with this lush cream - cocoa spurs circulations, while rice bran keeps skin supple & healthy." i'm excited to try this! i've never been a fan of night creams simply because i don't see results, but i'm always willing to give something a shot. it smells nice, too.
  • blinc mascara - "this game-changing mascara encases your lashes in a thin tube of water-resistant formula that won't smudge, smear or run." when i first read the description for this i thought the product was going to be totally weird. it's actually a normal mascara wand! the packaging threw me off, but i do love it because it's so different. i gave the mascara a quick try & the application is nice; not much in the area of volume/thickening, but it does a decent job on length & looks very natural. i'll probably toss this in my purse to use when i'm out for touch-ups, i'm not sold on it as a daily mascara.
  • kate spade new york perfume in twirl - "this flirty scent is a fresh update on the classic fruity floral." anyone who knows me knows i'm obsessed with perfume, so i was very happy to get this sample. it's a typical floral, but it's very sweet smelling & nice for summer. this will also go in my to-go makeup bag.
  • liftlab lift & fix high potency solution - "an anti-aging serum with a PhD - liftlab's molecular biologists spent years perfecting a patented natural protein that strengthens & regenerates cells." i'm not sure why i got this in my box considering anti-aging isn't a priority of mine just yet, but i'll give it a shot & see what it does for my skin.
  • befine exfoliating cleanser with brown sugar, sweet almond & oats - this actually wasn't listed on the little card for whatever reason. it's a tiny packet of befine cleanser & although i haven't opened it yet, i can guess from the description that it smells heavenly.
  • twistband brand hair tie - "this soft elastic gives the hair tie a sophisticated makeover - it looks as good on your wrist as it does in your hair." i'm all for soft hair ties that don't break my hair or pull it out, & this one is soft & flexible. however, why boast that it looks good on my wrist when it's just... black? do they come in prints/colors?

overall, i am satisfied with this month's box. i'm most excited about the perfume & the befine products. i had never heard of befine before & now i'm definitely going to check them out - their packaging is a real draw, & i love the ingredients they use. as always everything was packaged neatly & perfect! there were a few drawbacks to some of the products (i don't understand the liftlab serum or the hair tie, really) but oh well. still excited for next month's box!


  1. these boxes are so pretty & well packaged! Twirl is one of my favorite summer scents!

  2. I have to wait awhile for mine :( I unknowingly cheated and checked online what I got... we have the same box :)


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