Sunday, August 7, 2011

when you wish upon a handbag...

go ahead & skip this post if you've any reservations about a 20 year old woman spazzing over a handbag. really, continue scrolling... this is nothing you want to see. or, accept that you too secretly harbor a lust for a material item that is ever so slightly out of reach, & rejoice with me.

i first spotted the marc by marc jacobs groovee back years ago. specifically, the 2007 resort collection where it was labeled as the "dr q. groovee", i believe (is there a wikipedia for purses? well, there should be!) i'm really a sucker for a leather bag, & the groovee was just my style. from the soft, pebbled leather to the classic silhouette, i truly couldn't get the bag off my mind. when someone asked - well, no one asked, but we'll pretend, shall we? - what my dream bag was, this was the bag that came to mind. of course i'd like to own a mulberry or balenciaga one day, but the mbmj was so attainable. so close. so beautiful.

but i just ignored it. gift giving occasions came & went. meh, a handbag... no thanks. i suppose i wasn't ready then, but oh, am i ready now...

ultimately i settled on the baby groovee. after meticulous research, i decided i simply didn't want to carry around my entire life in a bag any longer. i've been using a small crossbody for months, & i've learned how to correctly pack the essentials to get through the day. also, the groove was easier to convert to a reasonably sized crossbody itself with the long strap. i'm a junior in college, & although some girls have made it work, i don't have the energy or patience to lug around a gigantic bag full of bricks when i'm already carrying books, notepads, huge sketchbooks, coffee... oh, & it's raining, & i'm a mile from the parking deck (did i mention alabama heat is a factor too?) i needed something chic & functional that satisfied my marc jacobs adoration.

groovee & i will be settling into our new life together in the coming weeks. the transition has been quite smooth & i'm predicting long, blissful days together... trekking across campus in black leather glory. i think we're both excited - i know i am!

so, i have to ask. what's your secret material obsession? is there a product/item you can't stop thinking about & have vowed to own one day? or maybe you already have it!


  1. I love it! Congrats (: I've been wanting the LV Speedy since I was a little girl, and I finally bought it last summer! I'm lusting after the Miu Miu Bow Satchel purse. It's so cuteee, & so expensive...

  2. @ elise - isn't it the best feeling? i love the LV speedy in the damier print! i'm afraid the miu miu bow satchel is on my list as well, lol. there are way too many perfect handbags in this world.

  3. Wow, it's gorgeous! It's definitely a wonderful feeling, the first ever designer bag! I'be been lusting after the classic Chanel 2.55 pretty much since I bought my first handbag, and really became aware of 'designer' brands. I'm still no closer to owning one, mind!

  4. i'm after the chanel 2.55 aswell, in the jumbo size so i can fit everything in... one day!

  5. Hi there, I just came across your post about this bag. Just wondering if it can be worn on the shoulder with the handles or are they too small? Thanks, J


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