Tuesday, September 13, 2011

just a tiny chill in the air

hi little blog. i haven't forgotten you. in fact, i miss you a lot. so many things have happened in the past month & i've been so swept up in it all that blogging hasn't been on my priority list. many things have happened in my personal life that i won't get into... mainly because, well, it's personal. all i know is that at the end of the day i'm blessed with the most amazing friends & family that i could ask for, & better days are to come.

i've started school again & i am way more busy than i ever anticipated. i'm only taking 4 classes, but my internship has taken up my time as well as countless projects for classes. it feels like there are so many things i'm getting involved in this semester & i'm being pulled in so many different directions. everything interesting i wish i'd known about freshman or sophomore year is hitting me like a sack of bricks, & i'm having to do some major decision making in regards to where my time goes.

i've also done a lot of cooking in my new apartment - i made my first ever pot roast for the alabama vs. penn state game on saturday & it was a success! i've already made a batch of halfway decent cupcakes (the icing, ick, never again) & i hope i can finally venture into chocolate territory soon! let's all cross our fingers that i don't screw that one up, right?

i'm taking a creative writing class that has actually sparked some ideas in me. hopefully soon i'll be back in the blogging spirit & writing my heart out (+ taking more photos!). fall is finally in the air & my favorite time of year is almost here!


  1. I would love to see more of your baking creations on your blog! You are the perfect female mer :) xx

  2. @ holly - thank you, that's an awesome compliment! as soon as things settle down & i get the semester under grips i'm going to be baking a lot more again :) can't wait!

  3. You're taking a creative writing class? So am I! It seems like so much fun haha. And I hope you do get back to the blogging world!



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