Thursday, September 15, 2011

september birchbox #3

this month's birchbox is special because they are celebrating their year anniversary. even though i've only been getting boxes since july, i've been pleased with the service so far. items this month:

  • adventurous incoco nail polish applique - "we all have a wild side. eye-catching nail strips are the latest trend - try them on your fingers or toes." ok ok, i know. nail polish strips are kind of cheesy (in my opinion) but i've been dying to try them. i peeked at the other boxes people received this month & i can say that i'm not too wild~ about the pattern i got, bright glittery blue, but i'm going to give them a shot anyway. happy about this item being included!
  • polished jouer lip enhancer - "why settle for plain 'ol lip balm when you can hydrate, plump and condition all in one go? right, we thought so." ok, this lip balm smells AMAZING, a very delicate rose scent. LOVE that. the application is very smooth & it feels great on the lips. a+ on this item, & i will likely purchase the full size. one question, though: why is it so tiny? i know these are samples, but this is really, really small.
  • eco-minded LIV GRN earth eau de parfum - "made from sustainable ingredients, this sulty scent is laced with jasmine and sandalwood. plus, ten percent of sales go directly to global green, an environmental non-profit." i really like this scent, & i'll likely use the entire sample. i'm not wild about it enough to purchase a full size, we'll see.
  • balanaced pangea organics facial cream - "an all natural moisturizer, with antioxidant-rich grape extracts and essential oils, keeps skin both hydrated & shine-free." love the way this smells, it reminds me of aveda products. i love moisturizers so i'm going to implement this one into my daily routine & see how it goes. i tested some on my hand & it feels heavenly, so i'm really looking forward to using it.
  • birchbox friendship bracelet - this is the only item i'm going "wtf" on. i mean, it's kind of cute... but i don't really think i'd wear it.

overall, i'm ok with this month's box. if it were any other month there would be no problems. i love the products included, except for the bracelet. my only issue is this: this box was supposed to be a celebration of 1 year of birchbox, rewarding new & old customers alike with something spectacular that thanks them for their loyalty. i didn't see that in this box. i dunno, maybe i'd be happy if the lip balm sample was larger, since i'm crazy about that. but why not a huge benefit sample? why not just a little more bang for your buck than usual, birchbox? you fell short on this one.


  1. cute blog, hope you post more!

  2. I'm thinking of getting a birchbox myself, your posts are so convincing!


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