Monday, October 10, 2011

love like woah

hi everyone! long time no update, & for totally valid reasons! school is eating me alive, i've got midterms in 2 weeks. currently, i'm at my parent's place for the weekend. it's been a wonderful past few weeks & i'm so excited for the rest of this month, despite my exams. let the recap begin!

school, internship, homework, repeat. as i mentioned, i've been the busiest ever academically. i've done a lot of thinking about my minor, &... i think i'm going to cut it out with the graphic design & switch to creative writing. i'm looking to brush up on my indesign skills for my portfolio, but i don't feel like my heart is in graphic design. i've been writing since i was a child, & i really think that means something. JUST A THOUGHT. will i stick with this sentiment? who knows.

i made my very first bread! if you follow me on twitter you probably already know about this endeavor. i started with sourdough - i let the starter ferment for a week, then i got right to work on baking & it turned out great. it was so much fun to do & i'm looking to experiment with french bread next.

spent tons of time with my girls, went to football games, had football parties (made a taco ring!) & have literally been cooking my ass off simply because i love it.

i used my incoco nail strips that i got in my september birchbox, & i was actually pleasantly surprised. although i'm not the biggest fan of blue glitter, i wanted to try them out.

i attended bayfest in mobile this weekend, the first time i've been since i was 14. i went simply for a throwback - 3 doors down, hinder, theory of a deadman, korn, drowning pool... yep, all the music i enjoyed as an 8th grader. i couldn't resist. had a great time, felt nostalgic & was sort of reminded why i stopped going to bayfest - it's a sweaty alabama mess. however, i knew this ahead of time & i'm cool with it. seeing ludacris was also a (classy) highlight.

because i was at my parent's place this weekend, i did a little baking, just some simple chocolate chip + cookies & cream cookies to satisfy the baking fix.

my birthday is this week (!!!!!) & i'm looking forward to turning 21 so much - not just for obvious reasons. yes, i'm still mulling over what my first legal drink shall be. a cocktail? champagne? wine? i have no idea, but i have a feeling it will just come to me when the time is right. besides that, i'm looking forward to spending time with my family & friends. in 21 years, i've learned that that is what's most important.

the reason i'm able to make this post is because i'm sick. last night, after arriving home from bayfest, i started to feel kinda off & thought i had a cold. within a few hours it progressed into a full blown virus & i've been running a fever all day. hopefully i'll be feeling better by my birthday on thursday, & if i'm not... well, i'm still going out, i only turn 21 once. here's to hoping i'm better by then.


  1. I really want to try nail strips/stickers! They look really cute, glad to hear your life is busy in a good way as usual, I envy all the yummy foods you make! xoxo

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a wonderful day :)

    I love that you bake all the time, that's one of the things I miss having time to do..!


  3. Aw, I really miss baking when living in a dorm! i hope you had a great birthday :)

  4. ahhhh those all look so great, love the nail polish stickies :)


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