Saturday, November 19, 2011

mini MAC haul

on friday night i went on a little trip to the summit in birmingham with the girls for a shopping trip. we had cheesecake factory for dinner. i got alfredo & jw's lemonade, nom.

we stopped by all our usual favorite places & then i went by MAC to spend a giftcard that was burning a hole in my pocket! i picked up a new bottle of fix+, brush cleanser & eyeshadow in 'gleam'. i've never tried the brush cleanser & i got it in hopes of being encouraged to clean my brushes more often. most girls can agree that their brushes don't get a thorough cleaning nearly enough, so here's to hoping this helps in that area. last, i got an eyeshadow in 'gleam'. though my favorite neutral shadow is 'naked lunch', i wanted to pick up a different neutral for every day. i liked the warm golden tones in 'gleam' & i thought it would be pretty for fall.


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