Wednesday, November 9, 2011

sinfully delightful chocolate mousse cake

normally, i don't undertake endeavors like cake. i enjoy their tiny counterparts, the cupcake. however, for my 21st birthday in october, i knew i wanted to make something special... something divine. i stumbled upon this recipe for a chocolate mousse cake & knew it was the one. when i read further & discovered that it was a paula deen recipe... let's just say my heart was set.

cake decorating is something that i haven't really experimented with, so i was grateful when this recipe called for simply covered the cake in chocolate shavings. more chocolate? don't mind if i do. i found that tilting the cake to cover it was kind of a daunting task, & i wasn't ready to risk the cake itself for the sake of it's beauty. so, it's sort of a monster chocolate cake. it's not the prettiest. it's not even in some places. & that's totally ok with me, because it tasted so damn good.

here is the recipe i used for those interested. i would highly reccomend this cake for any special occasion, or just because! if you're more dedicated to cake decorating than i, it can look amazing. or it can just taste delicious, which is what i focused on.

a post on my 21st birthday & life since then is coming soon! i'm getting photos developed from my camping trip to cheaha state park tomorrow so that i can include them. i've got a busy week ahead of me & i'm probably going out of town this weekend.


  1. wow that's really nice and happy birthday! I wouldn't have been able to make that cake, baking is something I was never that good at haha

  2. happy belated birthday but omg this is the last straw I'm literally going to kidnap you make you my cooking slave, no joke. Looking you up on Google earth as I type this!


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