Friday, December 30, 2011

it won't be long

nothin' but good things. lunch with anna & michelle, way too much netflix, passion tea lemonade, & adorable toiletries from forever 21. tomorrow i'm driving up to tuscaloosa, finally. i'm truly enjoying my winter break, but being at my parent's house can get a tad boring, so i resort to shopping and baking a lot. i also took a 5 hour nap today, but i had to be up early to go with my brother to get his wisdom teeth out, so it's excused, right? right. i can take 5 hour naps on winter break.

2011 was an interesting year for me. plenty of ups & downs, including some of the most horrific moments of my life thanks to april 27th. i am so fortunate to be alive & surrounded by amazing people on a daily basis. i am proud of some of the choices i made this year. i am also happy about my growing interest in food, baking & wine; it's a real passion of mine that has grown immensely in 2011, & it's brought me (& my friends who hardly cook) great deliciousness & happiness. this year, i learned who my true friends are. i also learned that my choices matter. & most importantly of all, i've been reminded that my family is what matters the most. 2011 was a year of growth, difficulty & amazing moments. i'm truly one of those people that's pretty damn happy no matter what happens. there are parts of 2011 i wish hadn't occurred, of course. if i could take back april 27th, i would. but i am so fortunate to have the life i do, & i cannot wait for a new year to spend with the people i love. i'm also pretty excited for the national championship, duh!

this is the song in my head at the moment. maybe because i'm excited for the weekend? i hope everyone has a splendid new year's, & best wishes for 2012!


  1. happy new year! sounds like your 2011 was filled with a lot of different happenings :)

  2. thanks elise! happy new year to you too :)

  3. I hope 2012 treats you much, much better! I am trying to stay positive for this new year too!


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