Sunday, December 18, 2011

winter break at last!

on friday afternoon i drove to my parent's house for christmas break. finals week wasn't that bad! & i got to spend a few days with a special someone before driving to fairhope on friday night i went to my grandmother's birthday, & i spent all day saturday baking with my mother, grandmother & aunts. we made tons of cookies, including pecan sandies, sugar cookies, cranberry pistachio, peanut butter blossoms, peanut butter truffles, martha washington balls & lemon bars. i personally made chewy lemon snowdrop cookies & peppermint meringue! the meringue turned out way different than i expected but it's yummy!

it feels SO good to get a break after this semester. it was a difficult one as far as academics go, but i'm feeling totally refreshed already & ready for next semester's classes. i've got so many things i'm looking forward to, including cooking my heart out, shopping & spending time with family. oh, & netflix. & naps.


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