Friday, January 6, 2012

new handbag lust: lv speedy 25 damier ebene

this summer, my handbag lust was finally satiated when i received my marc by marc jacobs baby q groovee - and it's been my loyal companion ever since. i literally cannot get enough of that bag. sometimes, i'll glance over at it & smile fondly. it's the perfect size, the perfect material, & on top of that, it's gorgeous.

& to be honest, i kind of feel like i'm cheating on it. i used to hate louis vuitton bags. i'm not sure why, but i think it had a little to do with the classic LV print, of which i am still not the biggest fan. if you know me, you know i love bags. i'd rather shop for bags than clothing any day of the week. i was afraid that once i had acquired my lover baby q groovee, my heart would only settle on something else. it's been gradual, but here i am in full blown handbag love affair with the louis vuitton speedy 25 in damier ebene.

handbag gods, please stop with this. you're torturing me.


  1. That is a cute bag but I like your marc jacobs bag better

  2. haha i feel the same way with my louis, i love it but i want to replace it because i don't use it as much as i thought i would (it's monogrammed, which has a lot to do with it)! i'm lusting after this bag as well, i think it's so classy, & wearable ♥


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