Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a february day in photos

i woke up this morning with a cold in full swing, so i've been living off of dayquil & endless bottles of aquafina trying to stay hydrated. despite being sickly, i woke up ready to conquer the day & made my way to campus for classes, errands & a venti passion tea lemonade.

my spring break plans are finally in order, much to my relief. i was beginning to get that nagging feeling that things weren't going to come together & i'd end up spending a week at my parent's place - love you mom & dad, but i need some beach & sun please! ok, well... this has never happened before, but i'm technically having 2 spring breaks, all in one week. the first part will be spent with my boyfriend in his condo, & we're hoping to make a trip to destin while we're on the gulf, but i'm honestly just hoping for some relaxation time. the 2nd part of my week will be spent with my best friends in a different condo.

more lovely things! i got tickets to hangout fest in may, & the lineup looks pretty awesome! i am also grateful to have a new parking pass that allows me to park like a bazillion times closer to my internship building & the communications building. seriously, it gives me at least 30 extra minutes of sleep each morning! i've also discovered that poetry is just not my thing. odd, considering i used to think poetry was the essence of writing itself & true writers wrote poetry. nonsense. i respect it & love reading it, but writing it? nah, i'll pass. i'll take prose any day. thank you creative writing minor for teaching me these things.


  1. hope you have an awesome spring break

  2. i love passion iced tea, but with sweetner & not lemonade! sounds like you have a lot of fun to look forward to these coming months :)


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