Sunday, February 26, 2012

freezer friendly fundamentals

as a college student, i know how hard a good meal can be to come by. even for those lucky enough to have a kitchen at their disposal, sometimes whipping up a great meal is too expensive or time consuming. while i have stocked my kitchen to the best of my abilities, there's always a few ingredients i don't have, and even a simple grocery trip for one dinner can cost over $20. multiply that by 4-5 nights a week, & it's safe to say i come to conclusion to eat out or have a peanut butter sandwich quite often. i'm guilty of having panera more than twice a week sometimes simply out of laziness, which is why having something delicious already made in the freezer is a much better idea.

my mother, the wonderful woman i inherited my domestic tendencies from (although my mom transcends domesticity & has fancied herself into a working, domestic x 1000 juggling-it-all superwoman), suggested we whip up a few freezer friendly entrees that could be easily consumed on my busiest of weeks. having already made meals in the freezer (no, not lean cuisines) is a lot healthier than eating out constantly & saves on time. i took a trip to my parent's place this past weekend, & my mom & i came up with these dishes on saturday night:
  • spaghetti sauce - this one is simple. any variant of your favorite homemade sauce can be frozen and thawed to add to a batch of pasta at any time.
  • lamb meatballs - throw these in with the spaghetti sauce & you've got a full meal.
  • southwestern chicken & corn chowder - i've made this recipe a handful of times, & it's amazing! it freezes incredibly well & is awesome for when it's a little chilly out.
  • chicken poppyseed casserole - best casserole ever, hands down. freezes great!

other great ideas for freezer meals are chicken enchiladas, nearly all of your favorite homemade soups & pasta dishes like baked ziti! if you enjoy making bread, most doughs & starters can be frozen for months at a time, in addition to cookies, baked bread & muffins. i froze my amish friendship bread starter for over 2 months, let it thaw in the fridge & it was definitely still good to go. if you're a sometimes lazy but mostly busy student, like me, or hate spending money eating out, hopefully these ideas are helpful.


  1. well i'm starting college this year so this is really helpful thank you :)

  2. Making a big pot of soup lasts for me about a whole week. I don't have to cook much because I live at home but I still enjoy cooking.

  3. thanks guys! i hope this is helpful :)


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