Friday, February 17, 2012

what's in my bag?

what's in my bag posts are my favorite, so i decided i needed one for my blog! last year, i did an entire post about my bag, the marc by marc jacobs baby q groovee. if you decide to go back & read that post, keep in mind that i'm totally geeking out in it because i love my bag, probably way more than a healthy woman should. it's incredibly versatile & has served me well!

i'm not the type of girl to just toss everything in my bag & go. it must be organized. bags within a bag. it's a little silly when you think about it, but i much prefer knowing exactly where i keep something as opposed to rummaging for it in the dark. it makes my bag 1000x heavier than it needs to be, so thank goodness for the shoulder strap.

1. marc by marc jacobs wallet - i was afraid to get a white wallet, but i don't regret it. i'm a sucker for anything marc. honestly. have you noticed? so yeah, this was a must.
2. coach wristlet - in here i keep medicine, gum, feminine fun stuff & a random usb drive. yep.
3. makeup bag - contents include mac pressed powder, rose salve, ahava hand cream, 2 mac tinted lip conditioners, visine, lip venom, burt's bees, mini perfumes of viva la juicy, daisy & twirl by kate spade, mac cremesheen glass in fashion whim & joeur lip conditioner.
4. glasses - because being able to see when i drive is awesome & contacts scare me.
5. my keys, of course! inside my mini juicy zip-up is my university ID card for easy access, i need it to swipe into my parking deck on campus.
5. & inside my zipper compartment - fruit snacks! life's essentials, y'all.


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