Sunday, March 25, 2012

my heart, your skin, this love i'm in

i am on the biggest red hot chili peppers kick of my entire life right now. i've listened to nothing but stadium arcadium for at least a week now! spring break was the week of the 12th & it was a great opportunity to recharge. the weather turned out perfect! i stayed with corey in his condo for the first part of the week. we went to mcguire's in pensacola - which is one of my favorite places on earth! the second part was spent with my friends in a different condo on the beach. i think i started kinda tanning? who knows. also, texans are interesting people.

i spent the weekend of the 17th at my parent's place for the arts & crafts festival in downtown fairhope. i got some gorgeous goats milk soap, then i made a trip to ulta for a full size purity cleanser & other odds & ends. when i got back to tuscaloosa sunday, i found a beautiful shabby chic dish that i now use as a place to put my daily jewelry on my nightstand. it's actually a soapdish, but i thought it worked perfectly!

now that this week is over, i will have a little time to relax & enjoy the spring weather outside. i just wrapped up working on the druid city arts festival in tuscaloosa (which was a huge success!) & now i've got to get down to planning my summer & spring schedules. i just found out that i will graduate on time if i take one class this summer. i can't even believe that.

happy spring!


  1. those beach photos are amazing

  2. Dippin Dots is the best!!! And your watch is really nice.

  3. everything looks so pretty, ah man take me to the usa!!


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