Wednesday, March 7, 2012

pre spring break haul + life lately

opi's lincoln park after dark + nicole by opi's rainbow in the skylie (best combo ever), surprise roses from corey, fiji water is love & deliciousness from gigi's cupcakes.

anyway, it's starting to look & feel like spring around here! save for a few days of rain the last week of february, it's been beautiful outside. luckily, i think i'm over my month-long february sickness... yeah, literally, the entire month. it was awful. last week was midterms & i got to the point where i was delirious from studying, so i did the cinnamon challenge. it was both not as bad as i anticipated & dreadfully awful at the same time. do i recommend trying it? yes, everyone should know what it feels like to see a plume of cinnamon erupt from your nose. it builds character.

i went shopping on tuesday for a few spring items & i'm pretty satisfied with the trip. forever21 was no good & i only got 1 top & a necklace, but i ended up with 3 casual dresses from other shops + a belt, & a floral sweatshirt from urban outfitters. i have one more day of class & then i'm on spring break! AH! i'm so excited to spend a week at the beach, i really need it & i hope the weather is good!


  1. your sweatshirt is so cute!

  2. It feel like spring where I live as well. I love all the floral.
    Lol, I was gonna try the cinnamon challenge, but Im a wimp, lol.

  3. I love your nails and your dresses are so cute :)


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