Monday, May 21, 2012

heavy glow

may has been a fabulous month. finals and starting work have kept me busy! i mean, that's halfway true. when i'm not working i'm cooking or being totally lazy. summer classes start at the end of may & i'll be working, studying and trudging along on my way to graduating on time. i finally finished mad men seasons 1-4 & i'm in the process of watching 5. can i just say... why does season 5 feel so different/weird? or is it just me? i could be completely imagining that.

more importantly... I JUST GOT BACK FROM HANGOUT FEST! for those who don't follow my twitter, hangout fest is a music festival, similar to bonnaroo, held on the beach in gulf shores, alabama. this was my first year attending & the lineup was incredible. i didn't make it down in time to see yelawolf and coheed & cambria on friday, but i saw chris cornell, skrillex, red hot chili peppers, edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros, the flaming lips and dave matthews band. 

RHCP was probably my favorite show of all, but i was a little disappointed that i didn't hear a few of my favorite songs. RHCP has so many hits that it's impossible to play it all in a 2 hour set, so i got over it. we got a condo right on the beach and the weather was textbook perfection for the entire weekend. i also tried my hand at making some homemade mojitos with fresh mint, & i think i did a decent job! the key is homemade simple syrup and fresh ingredients. i could not have asked for a better experience for the weekend, and i'm definitely hoping to return to the festival next year.

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