Monday, May 28, 2012

may favorites

ok, so foursquare just might be soooo 2009, but i recently started using my account again and i'm kind of addicted. i refuse to be the foursquare user who checks into their own home and labels it "DA CRiB!" - because foursquare is already waaaaay too TMI as it is. but the badges make me feel special. do any of you still use foursquare?

♥ aviator sunnies! i've worn my marc by marc jacobs oversized sunglasses for over two years, but i decided i wanted to try something different and picked up a pair of cheap aviators. i really like the shape & they feel so much better than oversized glasses. my mbmj glasses hurt my face because they're so big. haha.

♥ cheap face masks from ulta, specifially the freeman brand. i picked up the strawberry chocolate and mint & lemon scents and i've thoroughly enjoyed both. they smell great and are a wonderful way to unwind at night. kaolin clay, one of the main ingredients in these masks, has always helped my skin with blemishes in the past.

♥ i go through phases where i drink tons of lemonade, then none at all. this month was a lemonade month. i might even fancy myself a lemonade connoisseur. simply lemonade (+ raspberry is good too!) is my favorite, followed by minute maid's pink lemonade. 

♥ water marbling is super easy and looks great with pretty minimal effort. i tried it for the first time a few days ago, thinking i'd test the technique on one finger just to see how it looked. i ended up loving it and did it to all my nails! don't be intimidated by it at all - it's a super easy way to have a unique manicure without crazy tools and precision. i'm interested to try an entire rainbow of colors next time! here is a helpful youtube video that shows you how.

of course, no summer is complete without fruity drinks and friends to share them with. although i'm going to be busy this summer, i'm looking forward to getting away for a few weekends to escape to the gulf, fish river or a few other stops... fruity drinks included.

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  1. I have never used foursquare before and I love your background-so cute :)


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