Monday, July 2, 2012

hello july!

 where has summer gone? it's already halfway over for me, and i've completed my summer term 1 class. for july, i'm taking 2 classes in addition to working, so i'm afraid i'm going to be even more busy. the same classes every single day is not fun. at all. however, i'm looking forward to the end of the month because my boyfriend and i are planning a trip to six flags! rollercoasters are ok with me but i'm still kind of a baby when it comes to theme park rides. but i can do it. i think.

my brother's 18th birthday was june 26th, so i drove down to fairhope for the weekend to spend time with my family, cook and relax. my parents made a killer blackberry margarita and it was delish - i seriously envy their recent cocktail making endeavors... it's almost worth moving back home for! my boyfriend came down and spent the last weekend of june with me; we got hibachi and saw a friend's band at a local bar. and now? i've got 4 days off work and no class, so... roadtrip anyone?

in thrilling (ha) garden news, i got a new basil plant. it's just way too hot to grow a single thing. i'm watering twice a day sometimes! if you didn't know, it's getting up to 100+ degrees in tuscaloosa daily, aka i never go outside anymore.

more and more, i'm thinking of what i want to do once i graduate. and you know what? i have no idea. i want to do everything, honestly. before, i had decided i would stay in alabama and work, but now, i'm not so sure. i could literally drop a pen on a map and see where it lands, i am totally open to going anywhere and everywhere. i've got lots of research to do before i graduate next spring (!!!) and it's dreadfully scary, but so exciting at the same time. ok. i can't think about it anymore, because it's only july and i've got lots to do before then.


  1. oh, basil. my dad often buy a plant, use it a few times on a dish then throw it away because the poor plant is full of bugs ))

    1. With the heat & bugs I am hoping to at least make some pesto a few times before I have to get rid of it!

  2. I understand where your coming from with the heat-last week here in Georgia it was a 104-105 and I just stayed in


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