Monday, July 9, 2012

my perfume collection

from left to right (kind of): juicy couture's 'couture couture', juicy couture's original scent, juicy couture's 'viva la juicy', marc jacobs 'daisy', dior's 'miss dior cherie', vera wang 'princess', coach 'poppy', betsey johnson's original scent & chanel's chance eau fraîche.

 if you know me, you know that i adore perfume. maybe some don't find it necessary to have an array of scents at your disposal - but i totally do. usually, i wear a different scent daily, and sometimes i'll go through phases and wear the same one for weeks at a time. i've collected these perfumes over the years, and have usually gotten them as gifts. my very first bottle of perfume nearly ten years ago was clinique's 'happy'.

my two absolute all-time favorites (which are easy to spot because they're both nearly empty) are juicy couture's viva la juicy and dior's miss dior cherie. i plan to re-purchase one of them soon, because i don't wear either anymore because they're almost gone. i'm conserving the last few drops of each for a special occasion!

i love the bottles, the scents, and how pretty they look on top of my dresser. i've been searching for unique ways to display my perfumes and i'm looking for some antique-ish silver trays to line them up on. since i don't feel like i'll ever have too many, my current wishlist includes michael kors 'hollywood' and dior's 'j'adore dior'. 

what's your favorite scent?


  1. Such a beautiful collection, what amazing bottles x

  2. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb, Beyonce Heat Rush, Jessica Simpson Fancy Love and Diesel Loverdose are all amazing! As well as Miss Dior Eau Fraiche :)


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