Tuesday, November 20, 2012

make this place your home

 this month, i completed the most taxing & difficult project of my college career thus far. it was draining. literally. night after night in the library doing calculations & writing... i felt like a zombie for a week or two there. and i didn't procrastinate, oh no. it literally consumed about two weeks of my time. in between all of that, i got a cute tray from target for my perfumes, picked up my first "red cup" of the season from starbucks, and spent some quality time with my parents when they came into town for the texas a&m game.

they couldn't have picked a worse game to come for, unfortunately. it was our first loss of the season, and shot our national championship hopes out of the picture. but now, as i write this, we're back in the running thanks to kansas state & oregon losing. silly how football brings us all together, but here in alabama, it honestly does. regardless of the game, i had a wonderful time with my family and i'm glad they came up. they don't get to often enough.

last weekend i spent time in huntsville with corey. it's absolutely breathtaking up there, as you can see. the seasons are just now physically beginning to shift here. and, dare i say it, i'm actually kind of ok with all the christmas stuff popping up right now. i think thanksgiving deserves it's moment, don't get me wrong. but people already have trees and wreaths up, and it's not as ridiculous as it usually seems. the christmas music already playing in the mall? that's another story.

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  1. These photos are so beautiful and sorry about Alabama losing their first game-Georgia beat Georgia Southern and Auburn (no wait-we spanked Auburn)


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