Saturday, January 19, 2013

my charm collection

i have never been much of a collector. i had beanie babies and pokemon cards when i was a kid, but beyond that, i don't really enjoy accumulating things just for the sake of doing so... my exceptions being perfume & juicy couture charms. some people collect coins, some collect shoes or clothes... i collect charms.

now, hear me out: i think juicy gets a bad rap. the face of the brand is so tied with the tracksuits and terrycloth/velour bags that many people write it off and don't look at their actual clothing or accessories. take a look at their leather handbags and you'll often find many that are tasteful and stylish! i will be the first to admit: the velour bags are not appealing to me. for those who like to wear the full tracksuits, more power to you, but it's not my style. my real love for juicy lies in the jewelry.

most of it is "costume jewelry", and i enjoy it as such. the pieces are fun, vibrant, quirky and a simple way to add interest to a plain outfit if paired correctly. the charms are way too exciting to me. i think it has to do with my love of tiny cute things. the attention to detail is something i really admire and it can't be found among other brand who make charms, such as pandora. and though juicy charms are far more outlandish (and a little tacky!), i think they're adorable.

my collection is small. i usually only get charms as gifts or if they're on sale at the juicy couture outlet near my hometown. normally, i wear my charm bracelet without charms as they're simply way, way too heavy to wear all at once. when i do wear them, i wear only one at a time - and even then, it's clunky. but i love my charms, and collecting them is so much fun.

 from left to right: box of cupcakes, perfume bottle, floral heart locket, vampire lips, skull.

frozen yogurt, pizza box, polaroid camera (favorite), lucky cat (maneki neko).

cocktail glass, sunglasses, taffy candy, cupcake.

recently, i've loved gold more than silver, so the silver charms are usually on my keychain or bag. i have way too many charms on my wishlist... pancakes, burger, fries, box of chocolates, chinese takeout, nesting doll, whale, roses & the passport. i'm looking for a cute way to store them, too! the 18 charm boxes juicy made a year or so ago are hard to find these days.

does anyone else collect charms? if not, what do you collect?


  1. These are so pretty! I used to collect them as a kid, how fun to do it as an adult :) I seem to collect cheap, unusual jewelry from thrift stores mostly!

    <3 Megan


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