Sunday, February 3, 2013

laissez les bons temps rouler

the semester has gotten off to a great start, & i'm both happy and sad to say its my last. i have a lot of great plans for spring that i hope come to fruition, and i'm really thrilled about all of the positive changes in my life recently. i feel pretty awesome.

♥ i traveled to fairhope this weekend! as you can see from the photos of tulips, azaleas & mobile bay, fairhope is as beautiful as ever. it's rough growing up somewhere so lovely - you have THAT to compare your future homes to forever, haha. i still can't get over how gorgeous it is.

my reason for traveling to fairhope aside from visiting my parents was to attend the order of osiris mardi gras ball with my friend nick. if you don't know anything about mardi gras culture, i'm sure it looks pretty strange from the outside. mardi gras has been a part of my entire life, so the parades, krewes, secret societies and moonpies are a pretty standard part of early spring each year. for those in the united states who might be familiar, here's a fact: mardi gras was not first celebrated in new orleans, louisiana. in fact, it originated in good old mobile, right across the bay. mobile is truly home to the original mardi gras celebration, thank you very much! we had a great meal in mobile and then made our way to the ball for cocktails & dancing. it was a great night & i'd definitely like to attend another ball next year!

♥ soooo i'm really into blazers now, boyfriend blazers specifically, and i want one in every color! i snagged this black one from urban outfitter's on sale, and i'm really eager to pick up a teal, white and pink one for spring. they're very comfortable & versatile. lets hope i don't try to wear one every day and become "blazer girl" (which might happen).

♥ i picked up two new juicy charms at the outlets while i was at my parent's place. i got both for $20 - how could i say no?! the key is really beautiful & very lightweight, so it's certainly a charm i'll get a lot of wear out of. so many of them are way too heavy. the pave hummingbird was also too beautiful to pass up!

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