Sunday, May 5, 2013

i'm a university of alabama graduate!

just stopping in to say that i've finished a wonderful chapter of my life. my four years at the university of alabama have changed me forever; i truly couldn't have asked for a better college experience. i am so grateful for my family and friends for supporting me along the way. i learned so much about myself, what i want out of life and what it takes to be happy. oh, and a lot about advertising, too! the communications department at here is fantastic!

there are lots of changes soon. i'm not sure at this exact moment where i'll be once my apartment lease is up in july, but i'm planning big things and i absolutely can't wait for the future. i think i want to stick around in alabama for another few years, and then make my way somewhere new across the country. it's strange to think that this is really the moment where my life begins, where i can make the decision to go anywhere and do anything. this college town has a special place in my heart - thank you tuscaloosa. i'll always love you. psssh, i'm already planning to come back for a football game in september - can't keep me away for long!


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