Tuesday, July 23, 2013

moving to birmingham {part 2}

great progress since my last moving update!

my bedroom hasn't changed and likely won't for a while unless i add a rug, so this is update will mainly focus on the living room. after some help from my darling boyfriend corey in assembling my new ikea furniture, and having my couch delivered & adorned with target pillows, i'd say the room has come a long way! the couch is actually not as dark as it looks. it's grey!

ugh, i love target. these pillows brought some interest and color to the room so effortlessly, and were a great price. i'm searching for some things to go on top of my fireplace besides books and photos. i know i'm not exactly an interior decorator, but i enjoy having a space that is put together, inviting and suits my taste. pinterest has been a great inspiration tool. and i know i need something a little better than one of my countless polaroid cameras on the fireplace, i'm just not sure what yet.

my next room to tackle is the dining room. at this point, i just need some chairs and some cute place-mats, maybe a centerpiece of some sort. it'll all happen with time!

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