Wednesday, July 3, 2013

my favorite iOS photo apps

i spend a little too much time on instagram. it's actually my favorite iphone app, ever. and while i do enjoy clicking away on photoshop, being able to edit quickly and efficiently edit photos on my phone in seconds is incredible. i've gotten to the point where i rarely need to bring a photo to my computer for editing.

i've been using an iphone since the 3G, and along the way i've collected some photo/photo editing apps that work seamlessly and quickly, giving your photos a fresh spin and tailored feel. some of these are more popular and widely downloaded, and rightly so, but they are the honest apps i use almost daily - maybe you'll find one you haven't tried yet!

picfx (.99¢) : this app provides a wide range of photo editing tools, including a variety of filters, light effects (bokeh, leaks & burns), frames, space overlays and textures. it's easy to use and can add unique effects to photos. while there are similar apps that are free, picfx is worth the 99¢.

photoshop express (free) : how can i not include this app?! photoshop express does exactly what you'd expect it to do. you can crop, rotate, straighten and retouch up your photos with ease. exposure, brightness/contrast, hue/saturation, etc. features are included for you to play around with, in addition to some silly frames/effects. and while you can now do cropping and rotating from within the iOS photo library itself, i keep photoshop around for a few extended options.

timercam (free) : ever need a self timer on your iphone? the thought didn't occur to me until my roadtrip back in march. pretty self explanatory - and free! you can set your timer for 5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds. while i don't use it constantly, having it downloaded and ready has proved useful more than once.

lumie (.99¢) : if you're a lover of bokeh and light effects like me, this is the app to get. there are plenty of light themed overlays to choose from: stars, glitter, space, different shaped bokeh, etc. - so many options make it worth the .99¢!

photojus bokeh dx (free) : more bokeh! this is another great app for adding light/texture effects to your photos. and while you can pay for the pro version, the effects included in the free version are more than enough to create unique and interesting photos.

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