Sunday, August 11, 2013

photo diary: july & august edition

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hey hey hey. life's pretty great around here. while i'm already prepped for scarves and boot weather, i've been trying to enjoy the the remnants of summer, which includes the amazing weekend i just spent in fairhope + pensacola beach with corey & my parents. living in central alabama has reminded me that i took the beach for granted. just looking at this photo makes me want to move to florida.

it truly is that stunning and perfect every day there. we battled through some thunder showers on the way from fairhope into florida, but they passed quickly and left a gorgeous day in their wake. 

i saw beyonce in concert on july 13th. i had a great time in nashville and ate at some fabulous places (i review things on yelp now, ugh, i need a life): watermark in the gulch, and city house near germantown. so good. i'll be thinking about that southern belle cocktail from watermark for a looooong time. and queen b of course.

i actually had some out-of-town business in nashville the week following the concert, so i spent a week in brentwood exploring the area. i stopped by green hills mall, opry mills, the parthenon and bits of downtown. i need to plan an nashville girls trip one of these days - i'd forgotten how fun it is!

i've also spent some time in tuscaloosa & huntsville. bingo night at houndstooth will always be a favorite - where can i hit up bingo/trivia in birmingham?! i miss lots of people but i'm lucky enough that t-town is only 45 minutes away. speaking of which, i've got tickets to see the ole miss game on september 28th - stoked!

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