Thursday, August 29, 2013

style transition: college to professional

if you're a college student or you know one, you know the wardrobe. down here in alabama we've got it down to a tee - literally, ha ha. t-shirt, nike shorts, sandals/nikes = you're ready to go just about anywhere. and yeah, during my college years, i indulged in the blissful unawareness of what real people wore. and it felt so, so good. and i had an excuse.

while i'm no catwalking fashionista, i have my own style that has been ever evolving, especially since i graduated. for me, i like making affordable pieces work and really going all out with accessories. the right bracelets and bag can make an outfit, and that includes work appropriate attire. i like wearing basics and prints and adding interest with jewelry or outerwear.

keep in mind that this depends on your work setting. tighter cut pants, certain colors, etc. might not be great for your workplace. i'm blessed to work somewhere really casual! either way, you can incorporate some of these tips into creating a tasteful but expressive wardrobe that's perfect for you.

the right cut & fit -  this is so, so important. always wear clothes that are tailored to fit your body and flatter your shape. a great place to pick up more professional slacks/work pants is ann taylor loft, which offers petite sizing in addition to regular lengths. i don't wear slacks that much anymore because my office is casual, but my best fitting pants are from here. also, forever 21 has a ton of collared tops that come in prints and solids - they are surprisingly well fitted and professional!

blazers - sounds boring, right? not if you do it correctly. the key is finding a style and fit that is chic, but flattering for your body type. my favorite is the boyfriend blazer. the next step is to get this blazer in every color imaginable! (i'm still working on this!) black is of course your first staple. next, i'd invest in a white blazer - this goes great with work appropriate dresses and summertime outfits. from there? color color color! pinks, blues, neons: the possibilities are endless. pair a bright blazer with a modest but tailored little black dress = instant workplace chic!

unique and outspoken accessories - in my opinion, this is what brings it all together. i love stacking bracelets, adding necklaces and wearing earrings to add interest to an otherwise basic work outfit. statement necklaces with neutral blouses are a great way to do this! its also easy to add animal print or a printed shoe with a basic outfit.

♥ prints + neutrals - my favorite combo is a printed pant and neutral top. for some, this outfit might only be acceptable on casual friday. don't be afraid to incorporate print and color into the work wardrobe beyond the basic printed top. the key is to pair it with a neutral, simple top. on days when i'm a little tired of wearing neutral bottoms, this is a nice change up and keeps it fresh. adding print with scarves, cardigans and even statement shoes is also an option.

so far, i've really enjoyed putting my thought into my daily clothing choices. and while the oversized t-shirt felt great, something about being put together day-to-day is truly satisfying. is that, like, real adulthood calling?

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