Monday, September 23, 2013

office + desk decor (& my lack thereof)

i've been at my job for 3 months now, and i am known as the weird girl with nothing in her office. you see, i've never had an office before. but now that i do, i should really probably fill it up with some cute things. i plan to finally pick up these things for my desk and get some photos framed. bland desk no more!

01. stationary - searching for unique stationary? try etsy! i've had a lot of luck finding great shops that will make personalized notebooks, calling cards and more. i recently ordered a black and white striped notebook from letter love designs. can't wait for it to get here!

02. teacup for writing utensils - i love stashing my pens and pencils in a cute cup. i mean, its kind of a waste of a cute cup. but it looks so great and adds a little color to my desk.

03. vera bradley note cube - plain notes are boring. this is yet another way to spruce up the desk a bit and jot down notes in style.

04. feminine frames - i love picking these up at tj maxx. for a few bucks you can grab some really cute chunky shabby chic esque frames. i already have some at home, so i'm going to buy some similar ones for the office.

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