Monday, September 16, 2013

review: mac's girl about town

i like to keep you on your toes here at floral frocks. one post i'm writing about my coming-of-age realizations about what i want to do with my life, and the next i'm reviewing lipstick. but hey - lipstick is an important part of life too. c'est la vie.

though the makeup world is full of reviews on this shade, i wanted to add my thoughts because i am not a lipstick person. i've always wanted to be. it has the ability to truly transform your face, wake it up and bring out different tones in your skin. my daily lip is usually chapstick or baby lips. reapplication, smudging, the dreaded lipstick teeth - gah, so many reasons i've stayed away. but i'm trying, i'm really trying. and this color is so fantastic that i have to say, its swaying me.

girl about town is, in my opinion, universally flattering. with the appropriate makeup to match, this shade looks amazing on all skin tones - even mine, and i'm kinda pale.

the wear on this lipstick is great. it stays where it's applied and the color payoff lasts for hours - i haven't had to reapply it yet after going out. i love wearing it with a neutral outfit and allowing it to be my 'pop' of color. seriously, don't be afraid of it. its bright, yes. but wear it with toned down makeup and you're creating a fantastic focal point for your look. you can even blot it a few times if you want something more subdued. i did this, and i found that the color remaining was stuck on my lips like a stain. so if you're looking for long-lasting, this is it.

i can't wait to wear girl about town well into winter, spring and beyond. new favorite! and at $15, its worth the splurge.


  1. Does it have gold flecks in it? I like the color otherwise!

    xo Ashley


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