Monday, October 28, 2013

alabama women bloggers: a community

happy monday! for anyone who might not be aware, i live in alabama. having been a blogger for 10+ years, blogging communities (that are way different than livejournal blogging communities!) have evolved tremendously. a great group of women operate multiple state-focused blogging communities that aspire to connect women bloggers and spread their ideas.

i have recently become involved with the alabama women bloggers. the ultimate goal is to have an alabama women bloggers conference, a place to really build a solid network of fellow bloggers with strong roots in the state and the fabulous lifestyles our state provides. the whole point is to tell a variety of stories with a common thread: a love for writing, a love for alabama, and a love for connecting with others who enjoy the same!

if you live in alabama and you are a blogger, please join us! if not, check out the other states listed on the alabama women bloggers site & find yours. many of the communities are at different stages of growth and development and would love a volunteer to help out.

to get involved, visit www.alabamawomenbloggers.com, follow ALWB on twitter and like us on facebook!

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