Wednesday, October 23, 2013

review: jouer lip enhancer

years ago i received a sample of this product in a birchbox and i loved it. and on my quest for the perfect lip balm, i had totally forgotten about it! i reviewed dior's creme de rose, which is very similar to this product, but half the price.

at $14, essential lip enhancer still isn't a "run to the drugstore" lipbalm. but it's worth the extra effort! it's got a light rose scent - which is why i compare it to creme de rose - but features actual practical packaging, a tube, instead of a pot that can be easily contaminated and get icky after a while.

this product is thick on your lips, but i feel it actually makes a difference after some time compared to creme de rose. it doesn't fade away quickly like many lip balms or force you to feel the need to apply more after 30 minutes. this is going to be my go-to winter product, as it gets a little cooler in birmingham and i'm sure i'll need it!

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