Monday, November 11, 2013

photo diary: hello november

i spent a relaxing weekend in birmingham & crossed a few things off my "to visit" list: what's on 2nd, urban standard & the pepper place farmer's market (no photos, boo). since moving here in july, my tally of places to go (& food to sample!) has only grown. birmingham has so much to offer that really isn't seen at the surface; maybe you know the city as a pivotal civil rights landmark, or maybe you have heard of our growing culinary scene. either way, stop by sometime if you live in the south. i fall in love with this city more every day. i feel truly blessed to live here.


  1. Urban Standard is such a cute little spot. I love What's On 2nd. Whenever my husband and I are downtown on a slow weekend we stop in just to gaze. There are so many cool things in there! Have you tried Brick and Tin? That place is super yummy for lunch and the exposed brick is beautiful!

    1. I haven't heard of Brick & Tin but it's added to my list!

  2. I love all of those places! I got some cute photo props from What's on 2nd. There really are tons of fun things in Birmingham that people don't really know about. Love this post!

  3. Those cupcakes!!! I am drooling right now!

  4. so glad you had a great weekend. I love the picture of the tree. November leaves are the prettiest. :)

    Up now, a little gift from Lauren Conrad & the nail wrap collection I designed.


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