Wednesday, November 13, 2013

review: too faced milk chocolate soleil bronzer

i sort of feel like i'm writing about food, because i do in fact know what this product tastes like. don't ask. i'm lying, ask away.

but i'll get to that later. to sum it up, too faced's milk chocolate soleil bronzer is the light, shimmer-free bronzer. as someone who is not a fan of glitter face, this is perfect. the powder is fine and light, but very pigmented and easy to blend. it's very buildable. in addition, i find it lasts all day - it's the only bronzer i've sampled that i haven't had to reapply. for those with lighter skin tones, i highly recommend this. don't let the word "bronzer" intimidate you - it is natural, forgiving and easy to blend. oh, and the packaging is gorgeous!

now, on to the chocolate part. the chocolate scent is strong. i don't smell it on my face throughout the day - not that strong, thank goodness. but there is a scent as you're applying it. i will admit: some strange twist of fate allowed some of this product to get in my mouth at some point - and it tasted sweet. like, i didn't spit it out. i was just kind of like, "hmm. ok." but no, i wouldn't recommend eating it. just know that when they say chocolate, they really aren't kidding. if you can get past this, try it out!

in my opinion, a drugstore dupe for this product is nyc's 'sunny' bronzer - though the lasting power on 'sunny' is not as great as milk chocolate soleil's.

i've really enjoyed this product and will likely repurchase it if i don't get the curiosity to try out other bronzers. i'm a creature of habit!


  1. Ooh I might have to check this stuff out. And I was like, err....did you eat it? HA! Now I see that you kind of did. How funny is that? I love this!

    1. Thanks! Haha you know how us girls hang our mouth open when we put on makeup... I was buffing it in, and well, I just kinda tasted it. Oops.

  2. I will have to try this one out! I bought the light bronzer from ELF just to try out because I have a terrible time finding a bronzer that isn't too dark. It is alright, but it's ELF. It doesn't last all day and it isn't perfect. You crack me up about the tasting part! It had to be called Chocolate for a reason!

    1. Bronzer definitely used to scare me, but this product has been a lifesaver! The fact that it lasts quite a while is definitely what sold me.

  3. I have heard a lot about this product! I love that it smells like chocolate!



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