Monday, December 30, 2013

review: kate spade andee tote

did you check out the kate spade 75% off sale? i sure did, and scored a great deal on this bag i had been eyeing for quite a while. this tote is simple, practical and perfect now that i'm carrying a few more things around than i used to.

the bag is heavy, make no mistake about it. it's heavier than i thought it would be. the leather is thick, but not structured. the bag will slouch when empty or when not filled adequately, which according to other reviews online, was a disappointment for some. but it doesn't bother me, especially since i fill it enough that it doesn't slouch too much. instead of a zipper, the bag features a magnetic closure. so technically, your bag isn't completely sealed up.

i like this tote because it's definitely large enough to fit books, an ipad, water bottles, etc. in addition to my regular items. i can throw things in here and go. it's not a black hole of a bag either - the striped lining does make it simple to find things inside, and i find that the shape of the bag sort of keeps my things in place. in addition, the bag features two zippers on the side that allow for some extra room to be created this. if i unzip both, i can fit a laptop in this bag. though i wouldn't recommend it solely as a laptop bag because it's so heavy already.

i'm looking forward to using this bag because it's very versatile and easy. i guess i'm bag lazy, these days? don't get me wrong, i love a good top handle, but there's something so much more pleasant about slinging something on your shoulder and being done with it. this bag is practical and perfect for just that.


  1. Super cute! I usually stick to smaller bags, but I could use a cute, large one for things. So sad I missed the sale, haha. :)

  2. Love that bag, I need to catch some kate spade sales! Happy New year! x

  3. Lucky you! : ) Beautiful and classic.



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