Thursday, January 30, 2014

birmingham snowpocalypse

on twitter tuesday, i wished for snow.

what a misguided wish that was. the forecast called for a "dusting". well, lemme tell you, we got a little more than a dusting.

i left work around 11:30 - like most everyone else in the entire city, because that's when it really started coming down - and found myself in 2.5 hours worth of traffic just to go the 0.9 miles to my house. it was a nightmare. but not nearly nightmarish enough compared to the trials of my friends and coworkers, who spent the night in their offices and sat in their cars on I-65 until they were rescued by four wheelers at 4am.

i ended up parking my car downtown and walking home. my car is still downtown because the roads to my house are iced and blocked with abandoned vehicles. i am hoping that once everything melts i can get my car back!

this has little to do with our inability to drive in snow & ice  - it's more so about our lack of prepardeness and infastructure to handle this sort of event. we have no trucks to salt the roads. we have no snow plows. so here we are with in complete and total disarray from just a few inches.

in the past few days, i've seen more stories of kindness than i have in a long time. like the doctor who walked six miles in the snow to perform brain surgery, the teachers sheltering the kids stuck in schools overnight, or the countless good samaritans helping people out and feeding them in the cold. so while the city shuts down in snow, you can't kill the southern hospitality. birmingham is a great place to be!


  1. Every time something happens around here, snow, tornadoes, etc., I find myself in awe and my heart completely warmed by the compassion of strangers helping strangers in times of need. I just love how everyone comes together and it restores my faith in humanity. Glad you are safe! Both mine and my husband's cars are stuck downtown too. Yours isn't alone!

    1. It's nice to be reminded that the world isn't a bad place at all :)

  2. I love your blog!! And I totally agree, it's not that we're incapable of driving in the snow, it's that we're not prepared for this craziness! Hello... We live in Alabama. It's not supposed to be this cold! I'm glad you made it home safe and you're right, the sweet stories are so heartwarming!

  3. Hey Meredith! Bham IS a great place to be : ) I enjoyed seeing such kindness emerge over the past couple of days. Glad you did not get stranded in your car. I was also blessed to have gotten home safely! Love your site and glad we are following each other! I will look forward to your updates : )

    x, Mary



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