Wednesday, January 15, 2014

low carb recipe round up

normally i don't offer diet or health advice. number one, i'm not a nutritionist. number two, what works for me doesn't work for other people. with this in mind, i thought about whether i'd like to share some of my favorite low carb recipes, and i decided to anyway! i personally try to eat low carb for many reasons, and it's not nearly as difficult as you'd think.

whether it's for weight management, health, or just because you're trying to switch it up, give some of these recipes (all tried & true tested by me) a try. below are my favorites that are on a pretty steady rotation in my house. 
aside from pinterest, my favorite low carb recipe sites are i breathe, i'm hungry, all day i dream about food & the keto recipes subreddit.

when eating out, i always rely on a good salad with chicken & ranch/caesar dressing, meat with vegetables or a bunless burger. you can essentially make any meal low carb at any restaurant, even fast food. i've been on/off low carb full-time for a year now, and so far, i've found it incredibly easy to make meals low carb outside my own kitchen. just takes a little dedication.

like i said, i'm no nutritionist, but i've enjoyed cutting back on breads/pastas/sugars in my diet, and the way its made me feel. give it a shot sometime & you might be pleasantly surprised, and hopefully some of these recipes will give you a starting point!


  1. All of these sound delicious! I always love trying new recipes!

  2. Hey, thank you so much for the shoutout to my fluff! It makes me happy when I see that people love my recipes :)


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