Friday, February 14, 2014

4 loves + a recipe! {happy valentine's day!}

 of course i made mini strawberry heart cheesecakes for work this week :) click here for the recipe!

happy valentine's day! as i mentioned in my valentine trinkets post last week, i adore this holiday. it's more so about love and pink things in general for me, and always has been. and y'all know i don't need an excuse to buy pink stuff and eat chocolate. every year since i was 14, i've had a boyfriend for valentine's day (yep, you read that correctly) and this is the first year i haven't. and you know what? i'm stoked about it.

so while i often make posts about my "current obsessions", here is what i'm really loving right now. in the spirit of valentine's day, my true 4 loves:

01. i love my amazing family. my parents are my best friends and my brother makes me laugh like no other human can. i love that they support me. i love cooking with them. i love returning to fairhope, even if it's just for a weekend, and listening to music at restaurants on the bay or visiting the ducks at the pier.

02. i love the most incredible and compassionate friends i have been blessed with. this is the first time in my life i can honestly say i have friends who would do anything for me, who are 100% true and genuine and always have been. quality over quantity. these are people i'd give my life for.

03. i love birmingham! i've written about this so much, and i still feel i haven't found all the right words to say. every day i feel so lucky that i live where i do, that i'm surrounded by a rampant foodie culture, music, art and beauty. oh, and i'm less than a mile from my office.

04. i love my health. it's been a difficult lesson to learn that nothing in life is guaranteed, and that includes your health. i am so grateful for mine. i love that i have the ability to run the color me rad 5k in april, i love that i can wake up every morning and practice yoga with a healthy, able body.

what are your loves? how do you celebrate valentine's day?

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