Wednesday, February 26, 2014

a new series: post-grad tales

how did this not occur to me sooner?!

having graduated in may of 2013, i've spent (almost) a year on the post grad grind - working my first "real" job, balancing finances, doing my own thing and squeezing in as much fun as possible. (almost) a year is a pretty solid amount of time to learn a thing or two. and while i don't have it all down perfectly (who does?), i've got some tips & tricks to offer those in the same boat as me, or those graduating in may 2014, december 2014 and beyond!

each post will be themed - topics from cooking, finances, etc. - look for them on wednesdays in the next few months! i will come back to this post to link up all future posts in the series. i can't wait to start this series - enjoy!


  1. This is such a good idea for a blog post series! haha. Looking forward to the future posts!

  2. I also graduated last May! I'll have to follow you on bloglovin so I can keep up with your posts! :)


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