Friday, February 7, 2014

valentine's day trinkets

i love valentine's day. it's so much fun! it really boggles my mind when people take this holiday too seriously, getting upset about being single, moaning about hallmark cards, etc. who wouldn't enjoy a day about pink and hearts? and an excuse to eat chocolate or have some champagne, whether its with friends or a significant other? plus, valentine's desserts are gorgeous.

here are some little valentine trinkets to get someone special in your life. i really enjoyed putting this list together! and let's be honest, these are mostly things i'd love to receive or would give a girlfriend. i love the boyfriend/husband gift guides too and they are SO helpful. but why not grab some little things for the other loves in your life? (hey, the wine aerator is unisex!)


  1. All of this is so cute! I definitely wouldn't mind that Kate Spade ipad case. :)

  2. Love these little trinkets! Especially the knot bracelet. The Dior Creme de Rose is a great product, as is their Apricot one. x


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