Monday, March 3, 2014

birmingham diaries: oak mountain state park

happy march! FINALLY it's spring! even though i've lived in birmingham since july 2013, i'm still discovering new things in this area. though i've tried many of the restaurants on my list, there are still plenty of things undiscovered!

this weekend, i ventured to oak mountain state park with my friend mike. oak mountain is about 15 miles south of birmingham, and alabama's largest state park. we had planned to hike all afternoon, and the weather was perfect - in the 60's, a little cloudy.

we started on the green trail. this trail connected to the white trail, which led to peavine falls. don't be fooled. this was no easy hike! we aren't expert outdoorspeople by any means, but the inclines on this hike were rough (my glutes were thanking me on sunday!). we couldn't have picked a more perfect day or time to go.

i love discovering all that birmingham has to offer. i will definitely be back to oak mountain for more hiking, as well as paddleboats & kayaks in summer! can't wait!


  1. Looks like you had fun at Oak Mountain! I got married there in front of the lake :)


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