Monday, March 10, 2014

my experience with peachdish

disclosure: peachdish provided me with a box in hopes that i choose to review it on floral frocks. i am not being compensated for this review aside from the box itself. i only write about or recommend products i enjoy and feel my readers would enjoy as well.

peachdish is a company based out of atlanta, georgia that provides ingredients to make 2 meals for either 2 or 4 people for $50 a week. it's a refreshing concept for those looking to spice up their culinary experience, and it's also an easy way to force yourself to try new things (which is especially relevant for me, personally).

my box got here super quickly. i got a shipping notification tuesday night, and wednesday, it was delivered, even though i don't live in atlanta! here are the meals i was given the ingredients to prepare:

meal 1: kale salad with pecans & kumquats, pecan crusted mahi-mahi, potato & turnip mash with horseradish
meal 2: pita chips with herbed goat cheese, lemon-dill chicken orzo soup

i made meal 1 on wednesday night, and meal 2 on thursday night. all in all, totally delicious! i'm not a fish person at all, but yeah, i did eat the mahi mahi. and i liked it. it's not quite so fishy. the soup turned out very rich, i was surprised!

 pecan crusted mahi mahi, kale salad + a tiny serving of potato/turnip horseradish mash!

lemon-dill chicken orzo soup - i would included a photo of the pita & herbed goat cheese, but uh, it was gone kind of quickly...

my initial concerns involved the freshness of the ingredients coupled with the shipping time. as i mentioned prior, the box was delivered the day after it was packaged up for me. so no issues there! the ingredients were completely fresh and delicious. i was so worried about the meat. it was packed at the bottom of the box with a heavy duty ice pack, and all the meat was still almost frozen.

all ingredients are pre-portioned, so no whipping out the measuring cups (thank goodness, less dishes). the recipe cards included detail how much of each ingredient used, which is helpful if you want to make the recipe again.

for those who work a lot, want to be inspired again in the kitchen or want to try cooking for the first time, i think this service is wonderful. the feeling of coming home knowing your menu is planned is a wonderful one, especially when its something you've never tried before. two thumbs up from me!


  1. This sounds quite interesting! I am like you, not a big fish person AT ALL. Now, I love some sushi...but the only time I eat fish is at the beach and it has to be mahi mahi or amberjack. I like that it comes measured out so you don't have to dirty all the extra stuff. I love to cook, I do it just about every night...but gosh darn the dishes! I HATE doing dishes!


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