Wednesday, March 12, 2014

post grad tales: fitness + working out

woohoo! my first post in the post grad tales series! you can read more about this series & why i started it by clicking here.

did you stay in shape in college? it came in phases for me that lasted a few months... work out for a few weeks, then fall off the wagon. but now that i'm a real adult (i'll have you know i just filed my own taxes for the first time so, yeah) fitness and staying in shape is an integral part of taking care of myself. if you made it through college without working out, start now. in 5 years, you'll wish you had.

it's not just about being a certain weight, or looking a certain way. it's about health and endurance. if you're fresh out of school and looking for a way to stay active, lose weight, try something new or maintain your current level of fitness - all on the cheap! - check out these options (all of which i have personally tried):
  • most obviously, join a gym! if you took the free gym on campus for granted, i am so sorry - i felt this pain too. gym memberships can be expensive, which is why you should do your research. visit a few gyms in your area and find one that can best suit your fitness/financial needs. and, as always, planet fitness is $10 a month. yes, $10. that's the price of a lunch out during the week. you can swing it.
  • get hip with the apps! if you have an iOS device, the fitness apps at your disposal are incredible. i've written about yoga studio in one of my past current obsessions posts, and i couldn't recommend it more. if classes are not an option, apps like this are a wonderful alternative. no yoga mat? use a towel. download the app, do a 30 minute yoga session daily, and slowly start building your endurance/flexibility. see? no gym/outrageous pricing required.
  • no apps? hit up youtube! there are some fantastic youtube channels full of free workouts. some of my favorites are tone it up & blogilates. when you can get on your laptop and pull up a workout in seconds, you can't use the "but i can't afford a gym!" excuse.
  • join a sports league! check out gokickball to see if there's a league in your area. while leagues like this have the added bonus of helping you meet new people, you're also getting some physical activity in. for a season, it costs me $55 - which included a t-shirt. for new friends, a workout and a shirt, i'd say that's not bad.
  • no gym, no apps, no sports league? walk! if none of the above are available to you, just get outside. walk. walk anywhere and everywhere. slowly build up to running. there are so many exercises you can do using just your body - google a routine that works for you.
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  1. I never took advantage of my campus's free gym. So dumb! I agree with you, fitness is something that you should never give up for any length of time. You certainly regret it! I jumped back on the wagon this past summer after "not caring" for about 3 years and I just make myself so angry to think where I could be today if I had never given up! These are all great ideas!

  2. This is such a helpful post, I am in college right now and for the first semester I got up everyday to go to the gym and 6 in the morning, and it was amazing, but this semester I'm not doing so well. I am definitely going to try some of your tips and let you know how it goes!

    By the way, new follower here! Just found your blog and I love it.


    1. College makes it SO hard, and I definitely fell off the wagon. As long as you get back on don't stress so much. Thank you SO much for reading! :)


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