Wednesday, April 30, 2014

current obsessions {volume 6}

first of all, are all my birmingham people doing well?! we've had another round of storms sweep through, spawning tornadoes and some nasty weather. fortunately, the birmingham area itself seems to have received minimal damage, and all is well on my end. having these storms arrive around the april 27th, 2011 anniversary was no fun, and i know it caused everyone a lot more heartache than necessary. last night was supposed to be round 2, but we just got a little rain! thank goodness that's over.

here's what i've been loving lately!

01. bracelets from ann taylor + stella & dot - my mother was sweet enough to give me these as a sort of easter present. she knows my tastes - hey, because it's pretty much her taste. these are all i've been wearing lately.

02. birmingham print by evelyn henson - is this not the most adorable thing?! i had to have it! i'd like to put it in a bigger frame & mat it but this will do for now. it looks so cute in my bedroom.

03. railroad park - i spent 3 afternoons after work here last week, plus a saturday evening picnic. the weather is just perfect. laying out here on a blanket is my new favorite thing. plus, after the sun sets, you can walk over to the 18th street light rails.

what are your current obsessions?


  1. I have a lot of different stuff I am liking right now. I am loving the new album from Snarky Puppy called We Like It Here. One of my favorite albums to listen and relax to. I have also been enjoying some of the beers from Clown Shoes. One that I am really enjoying them is the "Muffin Top" Belgium-Style Tripel. SO GOOD!! I have also enjoyed going to brunch at Bottletree on Sundays. Their Chicken and Waffles are delicious!! So yea, those are some of my favorite things right now.

    1. Brunch at Bottletree is still on my list of things to check out. Good to know it's worth it!

  2. I want to get the New York art print from Evelyn Henson. I absolutely love it.

    My current obsessions:
    reading (blogs/books/magazines)
    the current season of Dancing With The Stars
    looking for blog post ideas/inspiration


    1. Her prints are the cutest! I feel ya on looking for the blog inspiration.

  3. That Birmingham print is so fun!!!

    Can you believe that I have yet to see the light rails at night? What is wrong with me?!

  4. That Birmingham print!! I have to have it!

  5. That birmingham print is ADORABLE!! I will have to check that out. And I haven't seen the light rails either! #birminghamfail

  6. I love love love that Birmingham print! I've never been to Birmingham, but that Railroad Park makes me want to go soon. :)

  7. Love that you bought the Evelyn Henson print! :)


  8. I love that print! I am new to your blog and I live just down the road from you in Montgomery! Excited to connect!


  9. your stack is on point, I love it! That Evelyn Henson print is amazing. As soon as I saw your post on instagram about it, I showed my boyfriend and he said he had to have it! xo

  10. I am about to buy that print right now! You gotta love Railroad Park, I have considered going to some of the free workout classes there but I haven't built up the courage yet.


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