Monday, April 21, 2014

instagram diary - springtime journeys

maybe i've had a little too much of a good time for the past 2 weeks (the gym is calling my name, i'll just put it that way). i've been happily exploring some new birmingham spots, revisting my old favorite (hello j. clyde!) and spending time with my family. my parents & grandparents came up on friday, and we trekked over to collins bar (new obsession) & el barrio. saturday, we ventured to pepper place farmer's market, followed by red cat for coffee. next, lunch at slice, followed by an afternoon at avondale brewery for black warrior riverkeeper's earthfest. aaaand finally, dinner at vino in mountain brook. this was my first time at vino and i was thoroughly impressed. see? what a birmingham-tastic weekend. (yeah, my parents did still get me a chocolate bunny for easter. never too old).

birmingham bloggers has seen a great turn out, and i'm hoping to organize a meetup in may. if all goes as planned, i'll have those details sorted by the time the april end-of-the-month newsletter reaches member inboxes. exciting!


  1. You really have hit up some of Birmingham's best this weekend!!! LOVE J Clyde!! Give me all the fruit and cheese plates from there. Yum.

    What are you thinking on the meet ups? Will they be in the evening or on the weekend or are they going to be during the day during the week? I hate that the Alabama Bloggers group does meet ups in the middle of the work day. Hello, I have a full time job! I think most people do?

    1. Evenings for sure! I work full-time as well and the daytime meetups can be a little difficult to swing. I'm thinking a Thursday evening - don't wanna take up people's weekends, and I think more people can attend at night. What do you think about that?

    2. I think that is perfect!!! I know a few of the bloggers I chat with work full time as well so that makes the most sense. And of course, weekends can be hectic for people sometimes.

      I am excited!!!

  2. Love all of your photos, Meredith! I still need to do some more Birmingham exploring. And yesyesyes to a meet up in May! So excited. :)

  3. How have we never run into each other before?! Collins, El Barrio, Pepper Place, and Avondale are all some of my regular spots! Love!

  4. J Clyde has been a favorite of mine since I was 22yrs old. My fiance and I are trying to look for new places to go to around the city. Any suggestions?


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